Whitty Castles

Our New Honorary Chief is Paul Whitty an Irish American.

Paul was born in Louisville Kentucky and was the person that prompted the start of the Whitty Clan of Ireland back in the early 1990s.  His Irish roots go back to his ancestors born in c1800 in Wexford.  Patrick Whitty married to Mary Lambert lived in Poulrane Kilmore Co Wexford.  They had a family of 7 children recorded in the Kilmore Church Register.

We find Patrick listed in the Tithes Applotments Books 1833, but they immigrated to America during the famine times. Patrick and Mary both died in Kentucky 1856/ 1865.  One of the 7 children Richard B 1839 in Ireland was the Great Great Grandfather of Paul.

Paul is very much involved in Irish Music and Irish Societies being one of the co-founders of the Louisville Irish Fest, a member of the “Drowsy Maggie”, “Galloglass” and Louisville Pipe Band. Paul has also wrote and produced two productions of an outdoor play on the life of St Francis of Assisi.  Paul is married with 2 children and 2 grandchildren.

Paul is a Solicitor with Goldberg Simpson

LLC Norton Commons 9301.

Dayflower Street.

Louisville KY 40059

Email   pwhitty@goldbergsimpson.com

Maura Whitty,

Carrig Eden,




Rep Of Ireland

RIP 4th March 2014.

Peter Whitty   (1932-2011)

1st Honorary Chief of the Whitty Clan.

Peter was born on the 8th May 1932, in Liverpool of Irish parents he was one of 7 children of Daniel Whitty and Margaret Doran from the Cranford family in North Wexford. He lived in Liverpool. Peter put together a large Family Tree dating back to 1750. He was the Honorary Chief of the Whitty Clan from 1995-2011

Bishop Robert Whitty  (1415-1435)

Robert Whitty, who was Bishop of Ferns Diocese from 1415 to 1435, is recorded as occupier of Ballyteigue Castle in 1425. He is best noted for having absolved the citizens of the Co. Wexford town of New Ross from an interdict placed on the town for the murder of friars two hundred years before.

In the seventeenth century, a Spanish privateer anchored in Ballyteigue Bay and landed twenty men who entered the castle and carried off its Whitty owner to Spain where he was detained until a ransom was paid for him.

Michael James Whitty (1799-1873)

Michael James Whitty was born at Nicharee in the parish of Duncormick, Co. Wexford in 1795, his parent were Edward Whitty and Margaret Keating.  He went to London in 1821 and started a journalistic and lite career that include editorship of the Dublin and London Magazine, described as the best Irish periodical of its time, and The Liverpool Journal. In 1848 he purchased The Liverpool Post. He also wrote Tales of Irish Life.

Michael James Whitty (1799-1873)

Michael James Whitty was born at Nicharee in the parish of Duncormick, Co. Wexford in 1795, his parent were Edward Whitty and Margaret Keating.  He went to London in 1821 and started a journalistic and lite career that include editorship of the Dublin and London Magazine, described as the best Irish periodical of its time, and The Liverpool Journal. In 1848 he purchased The Liverpool Post. He also wrote Tales of Irish Life.

Edward Michael Whitty (1860)

Son of Michael James Whitty, Edward Michael Whitty also became a noted Journalist.  In 1846 to 1849 he wrote for the London Times and later became editor of the Belfast Northern Whig.  He emmigrated to Australia after his wife’s death, where he died in 1860. He wrote for the Melbourne Argus.  A few years later a monument was erected to his honour by Harry Sullivan the actor.

Dame May Whitty

The famous Dame May Whiity was the grandaughter of Micheal James. She was an actor born in Liverpool who died in Hollywood 1947 at the age of 82 having acted for 62 years, her films included White Cliffs of Dover and Lassie come home, and many more.  She married Ben Webster and had one daughter Margaret who became a noted Shakespearean actress and director.

Father William Whitty (1914)

Father William Whitty was Parish Priest of Bunclody when he died in 1914. He previously had been Superior of the House of Missions in Enniscorthy, and Parish Priest of Our Lady’s Island, where he revived the ancient pilgrimage which continues to attract thousands of the faithful during the month of August each year. He was born in Buenos Aires Argentina of Irish parents. After the death of his mother the father he took his young family back to Ireland,. His uncle, Rev. Robert Whitty, was Provincial of the English Jesuits  in 1896.

Martin Whitty

Martin Whitty, a member of the Whitechurch family, New Ross, was a leading figure in the Wexfordmen’s Association in London for many years. He was made a Knight of St. Gregory in recognition of his work for the sick, having helped to raise more than £20,000 to send invalids to Lourdes.

Johanna Whitty

Johanna Whitty from Tomgarrow, Ballycarney, was mother of Fr, John Murphy of Boolavogue, the heroic leader of the rebels in the historic insurrection of 1798 in County Wexford. He was cruelly murdered at Tullow, Co. Carlow that year.

Fr Robert Whitty (1817-1895)

Was born in Pouldarrig in 1817. He was hedge school educated and spent several years, as a student in Maynooth, was ordained in St Edmons in 1840 and he held various posts including Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Westminister.  He showed great sympathy with Newman and the other Oxford convicts. Fr Whitty and Dr Newman became great friends holding discussions on Irish emigrants in England.  Fr Robert Whitty worked mostly on the English Missions untill he left and joined the Jesuit novitate at Verona in 1857.  As a Jesuit he was soon given important posts including assistant to the Father General in Rome.  He died in 1895 a year after his friend Dr Newman.

Mother Mary Vincent Whitty (1819-1892)

Was born in Pouldarrig in 1819, she was baptised by Fr Dixon, who was later transported to Austrailia and returned to Ireland years after.  She entered the Mercy Sister in Baggot St age 20 in 1839, trained as a teacher and nurse and helped to set up Dublins Matter Hospital.  In 1861 she yeilded to the appeal of Dr James Quinn, Dublin, for help on the new-formed large Diocese in Queensland.  Mother Mary Vincent Whitty herself lead her band of missionary sisters to three new spheres of labour.  There she toiled with untiring devotedness for the rest of her life and founded more than 20 convents before her death in 1892..

She was one of the principal assistants to Mother Mary McAuley and her sister Mary married a brother of the famous convert and publicist Frederick Lucas.  Father Robert Whitty SJ was her brother and another sister Mary Agnes worked for a time as a nurse in the Crimean war in Argentine.

Brother Calasanctius Whitty (1848-1930)

Born in Milltown House Co. Kilkenny in 1848 and died in Marino 1930.  James was the 3rd child of Andrew Whitty and Honora Fenlon, farmers. Called after his Uncle James who immigrated to Ontario during the famine years and whose family in now spread worldwide.  Young James parents died when the children were young and were cared for by a cousin of Andrews (his father) Whose convent was closed due to funds a Sr Magadaline. James was a keen student and very clever in all ways, and a keen athlete.  Not really fond of farming but always gave a hand when needs be.  Educated by the Brothers in Borris and Graigenamanagh from where he joined the Novitate.  During the years he rose to be superior General of the Christian Brothers of Ireland.

1st Knight Records

According to one authority the Whittys were a Devonshire Family, came into England through the battle of Hastings, and then on to Ireland in 1170 another part of the family were to remain in Devonshire thus claiming to be the Wells family they were reinforced by another branch descended from Thomas Whitty grocer of Exeter and Dublin, his son Edward became Archdeacon of Laughlin Ireland.

The tree of these families are not full accurate according to Kenneth Whitty as one family genealogist Charlotte Mary Whitty born in 1886 claim relationship to both families.  Who fits where? Kenneth wondered.

Kenneth Whitty

Kenneth spent some time in Ireland in the late 1960 he surveyed Whitty families through the country, carrying out research in Libaries and archives.  Kenneth descended from the long line of Church of Ireland Rectors here in Ireland, stated traditionally to be descendent from John Whitty one of the younger sons of sir alter Whitty Ballyteigue Castle.  Who turned protestant and moved through Trinity College Dublin and into the ministry, during this period the family as dispersed from their Castle in County Wexford.

In 1984 and Arab terrorist in Greece gunned down Kenneth a British Diplomat age 44.  He was son of John Henry Hamlyn Whitty, who was killed in World War 11 and grandson of Henry Tarton Whitty.  He had one brother Captain Ronald Hamlyn Whitty and he left a wife Susannah and 4 sons.

Axminister Carpets

Thomas Whitty born in 1716 was considered to be the inventor of Axminister Carpet Manufacturer in 1755.  The factory was burned down in 1828 in the time of his grandson Samuel Rampson Whitty.  The next generation moved to Radford Notts.  This family can trace their ancestors back to 1530 with John Whytey of Wells near Axminister.